The Ultimate Sports Shack
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Welcome to the Ultimate Sports Shack. We are a volleyball club that is a non-profit club. We are dedicated to making club an opportunity for all who love the game. Our cost is $1,500.  This includes membership, uniform, tournaments, gym and coaches. 
We will have a 12's team 14's team 16's team and 18's team and possibly add more if needed.  If you are interested call 623-221-4885 Tamara 
Our  first tournament is  for our 15's and 17's at Fiesta in Tempe.
Our 12's and 14's will be going to Tucson for the Cactus Classic. Saturday and Sunday are pool play for both tournaments.  So depending on what pool the girls will play 8am or 2 pm on those days.  Monday is morning and elimation play. 

You can contact us by e-mail or
Call (623) 580-9759 for details.

Our mailing address
18402 N. 19th Ave Suite 330
Phoenix, AZ 85023